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Children and young people with disabilities and additional needs have difficulty in finding safe and accessible places to have fun and socialise when they are not at school. At the Log Cabin, everyone  can make friends and take part in activities, regardless of ability.

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Wow... It's been a busy start to the Summer with nearly 50 new children registered and their still coming in!!

Log Cabin

Holiday Playschemes

Our Key Holiday Activity

Holiday Playschemes


Holiday Playschemes run during the Easter and Summer school holidays and during the half term breaks.

We can provide places for around 55 children and young people per day, including some children who require 1:1 care.


A free and confidential service for parents, carers and young adults 14+


Our confidential counselling service is there to help through difficult times: family issues, depression, lack of confidence, relationship difficulties, additive or destructive behaviour or any other personal circumstances that are emotionally difficult.

We help people from all walks of life and offer a confidential and supportive counselling service, giving you the opportunity for change.

Our Location

The Log Cabin
259 Northfield Avenue, W5 4UA

  • Registered Charity No: 275183

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Mon-Fri: 11am - 6pm

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