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We are a registered Charity

About Us

The Log Cabin was founded in 1977 by the Mayor of Ealing, to provide a community based, purpose-built adventure playground for children and young people with additional needs or disabilities. It is used by over 350 children and young people every year. We are based at the Log Cabin Children's Centre in Northfield Avenue.

Children and young people with additional needs and disabilities often remain isolated from others and excluded from mainstream facilities. The Log Cabin is inclusive, welcoming mainstream siblings and local children and integrating everyone so that they socialise together, make new friends and form friendship groups, regardless of ability and of whether they have emotional, physical, behavioural or learning disabilities.

The importance of Play

Play is vital to the development of all children. It is essential for physical, emotional and spiritual growth and intellectual, creative and educational development. It helps children to develop a sense of identity, self-respect and confidence, and an awareness of their own worth and to acquire social and behavioural skills.

The Log Cabin offers a stimulating range of activities, with a choice between indoor and outdoor play and opportunities for rest and quiet times. We have a policy of free play so that children can choose the activities they wish to participate in.

For further information see the Facilities page

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

At the Log Cabin we work within the framework of the EYFS

The Early Years Foundation Stage sets standards to enable early years providers (caring for children from birth to five) to reflect the rich and personalised experience that many parents give their children at home. All providers have an important role to play in children’s early years experiences – including out of school childcare providers.

The Early Years Foundation Stage and out of school provision - 4Children

Our Location

The Log Cabin
259 Northfield Avenue, W5 4UA

  • Registered Charity No: 1174220
  • Registered Company No: 10892952

Established 1978

Office opening hours

Mon-Fri: 11am - 6pm

Sat & Sun: closed